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We Know Your Line of Business As
If It Were Our Line of Business

At Advantage, our call agents are trained to make each customer interaction seamless. We see ourselves as ambassadors for our clients’ companies and, in doing so, make callers feel as if they are interacting with company representatives. To do this, we employ simple, but impactful, techniques like referring to the company as “we “ instead of “they” because we know it makes all the difference.

Moreover, being able to speak with confidence is key when interacting with customers. That is why our agents learn our clients’ line of business as if were our line of business. To ensure this, our management team goes to great lengths to train our agents on how to effectively educate consumers on our clients’ product and service features.

To help win back customers we educate them on all that they will gain (in terms of service or customers rewards) if they stay. Instead of using pressure tactics, our agents are trained to appeal to customers needs and desires in demonstrate how the product or service meets their needs. Many customers decide to unsubscribe without fully understanding value added aspects of the product/service, rewards or benefits that will be lost if he unsubscribes. Our agents skillfully inform customers of all they will gain when they re-subscribe or retain services.


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