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Why Advantage?

How We Stand Apart

Our ability to execute customized marketing campaigns, remain laser-focused on your program, and produce measurable results are just a few reasons why you should choose Advantage Contact Center.  The following summarizes additional factors that enable Advantage to stand apart from its competitors. 

We Provide Consistency in Campaign Execution and Performance
At Advantage, making sure that our call-center agents perform at or above our performance measures is paramount.  To ensure consistency in campaign execution, the delivery of your company’s message, and unified approach to your customer service program, our team leaders and floor supervisors monitor each agent’s performance closely.  We monitor and evaluate each agent to identify inconsistent or substandard performance in areas such as customer interaction, win-back tactics, or selling/reselling techniques.

We Know Our Client Line of Business Like It’s Our Line of Business
Having a solid knowledge of your product or service is key to our ability to delivering a successful campaign.  That is why Advantage invests significant time and effort in educating our call agents on your line of business.  We thoroughly brief our agents on your product/service, and when possible provide them with product samples to examine and review. When preparing for a sales or service campaign, we walk our agents through the order form or application so that they are familiar with the process consumers will encounter. These briefings also allow agents to ask questions that may arise in their interactions with consumers.

We Strictly Adhere to Your Script
To make sure that your message is delivered precisely the way you want it, we take several measures to ensure accuracy.  First, we engage our call agents in a highly interactive process, including role-play, to learn and practice your script.  Second, we monitor all calls to ensure your message is being delivered clearly and consistently. Finally, we educate our agents, and repeatedly remind them, on our legal responsibility to strictly adhere to your script in efforts to prevent misrepresentation.

We Provide Accurate and Timely Reports
Your ability to measure your campaign’s success means staying abreast of your campaign’s progress. As such, Advantage places a great emphasis on delivering timely, detailed and accurate reports.   From our initial fact-finding meeting with you throughout every stage of your campaign, Advantage’s management team will keep you abreast of all campaign developments, including sales outcome, conversion rates, up-selling rates, customer feedback, and more.

We Maintain Open Lines of Communication
To ensure that our managers and agents clearly understand your campaign goals and objectives, Advantage maintains very clear and open lines of communications and will engage you in continuous dialogue.  To facilitate this, we will assign an account manager to your company who will consult with you on a regular basis.  In addition, we will engage you in regular meetings to review your campaign, assess its progress, and discuss potential changes in campaign activities.

We Focus on Meeting and Exceeding Your Benchmarks
Because we are results driven, Advantage places a great importance on meeting and exceeding your benchmarks and campaign goals.  In close collaboration with your internal team, we set qualitative and quantitative goals from the outset, and then work hard to accomplish those goals.  We regularly document and analyze sales and other activities to measure our rate of success.  Further, we will collaborate closely with you to determine if we need to adjust call-center activities in order to improve campaign outcomes.

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