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Advantage Contact Center enables you to scale up or outsource your current call center operations with flexibility and ease.  As your call center service provider, we strive to build a strong understanding of your business needs to ensure that our service is customized to help you meet your bottom line goals.  In so doing, we employ Advantage’s Contact Excellence approach to ensure that our agents and management team stand ready to deliver outstanding service to you, your customers, and your prospective customers.
Regardless of the channel, telephone, email, live chat or instant messaging our call center services are seamless and completely transparent to your customers.

To support our clients, we craft and orchestrate the following solutions:

  • Inbound Campaigns
  • Outbound Campaigns
  • Multichannel Marketing Campaigns
  • Internet Interactions (Live Chat & Instant Messaging)
  • E-Marketing Solutions
  • Fundraising
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January 3, 2017
Advantage launches new contact and transport solutions for healthcare provider..


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January 3, 2017January 3, 2017
Advantage launches new contact and transport solutions for healthcare providers and patients. LATEST NEWS Advantage Launches Medical Contact Solutions Customer Interactions Firm Introduces RxScheduler and RxTransport PHILADELPHIA, Penn. — Jan 3, 2017 — Advantage Contact Center, a full service customer interaction and telemarketing firm based in Philadelphia, today announced the launch of medical scheduling and transport solutions for healthcare and medical research facilities. Leveraging web-based technologies and its best-in-class call agents, RxScheduler and RxTransport help healthcare providers provide safe and secure options for getting to their medical appointments. Click here to read full press release.