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Advantage is fast becoming the go-to call center service provider for firms based in the United States and abroad. Our leadership team with more than 30 years in the call center industry along with our emphasis on high performance set us apart from our competitors.

Our use of state-of-the-art call-center technology, our experienced bilingual agents, and our ability to deliver measurable results are just some of the reasons companies turn to Advantage for support. In our role as a call center service provider, we’ve mastered the intricacies of providing results-oriented call-center services to the following markets:

Medical Support Services
Ensuring that patients engage with screening agents and processors who are skilled and empathetic is essential when administering medical services or clinical trials.  At Advantage, our call center team is well trained, HIPPA-compliant, and seasoned at supporting medical programs.  Click   here to learn more.

Airport Call Center Solutions
A lackadaisical or poorly trained call center team can easily spoil an air traveler’s experience, and make your airport a dreaded destination. At Advantage, our agents are proactive problem solvers who deliver a mile-high experience to every caller. In delivering our New Heights Program, we groom our agents to provide exceptional service by focusing on:

  • Developing a thorough understanding of airport services, policies and procedures;
  • Embracing Advantage’s continuous improvement philosophy;
  • Being empathetic towards stressed or frustrated callers;
  • Enhancing the customer experience;
  • Meeting and exceeding performance goals; and
  • Gauging and measuring customer satisfaction.

Click here to learn more.

Financial Services
Advantage’s senior management team has a solid track record in managing call centers for the financial services sector. We have hands-on expertise in supporting institutions that focus on consumer banking, particularly mortgage companies, retail banks, credit card companies, and student lending entities. For these companies, we provide application processing, lead generation, sales, customer care, customer retention services, and more.

Consumer Publishing
Advantage has established a reputation for helping consumer publishing companies maintain and grow their customer base. Currently, we manage high-volume call programs for two of the industry’s top consumer publishing firms. For consumer publishing firms, Advantage helps increase retention rates; generate leads; perform selling, upselling and cross-selling services; manage customer care calls; provide e-marketing solutions and more.

Online & TV Retailers
The growth in online retailers, TV shopping networks and infomercials that market and promote consumer products has sparked an increased demand for call-center services. For these retailers, Advantage carries out customized campaigns for order processing, consumer inquiries, lead generation, sales, retention and customer care.

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