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Contact Excellence

How We Deliver

Because we represent your business, Advantage knows that it is of the utmost importance that we maintain Contact Excellence when managing your marketing and back-office call functions. To do this, Advantage and its partners place a strong emphasis on maintaining excellence at every customer touchpoint. The following outlines key components in our efforts to deliver Contact Excellence for our clients.

Our Management Mindset

Because a culture of performance excellence is built from a corporation’s leadership and flows downward to each employee, Advantage’s executive team promotes and rewards high performance throughout the company. Consequently, our management understands and they embrace the following principles:

  • Managers and supervisors lead by example.
  • Customer satisfaction is tied to employee satisfaction.
  • High performance is not only recognized, it is rewarded.
  • Employee input is not only allowed, it is encouraged.
  • Common goals (among management and staff) encourage teamwork.
  • Goals are more likely to be realized when they are clear and quantified.
  • Low employee turnover translates into high productivity and greater return on our clients’ investment.

Our Policy on Listening

Advantage’s management team promotes a customer-centered approach that places an emphasis on listening. In training our agents, we employ a 70 percent listening and 30 percent talking policy. As veterans in the call-center industry, we know that the person who speaks first in a conversation sets the tone, the person who asks questions guides the conversation, and the person who listens controls the outcome. With that in mind, we teach our agents to greet customers cheerfully and professionally, ask appropriate questions, and these basic tenets of call-center etiquette help us bring about great returns for our clients.

Our Approach to Quality Assurance

Advantage places a strong emphasis on quality assurance and measures its agent’s performance on a daily,weekly and monthly basis. In our view, QA is an important tool in improving our agents’ performance as well as our clients’ results. To do this, our quality-assurance team conducts continuous live monitoring of agents and reviews call recordings to ensure that quality standards are met. Floor monitors supplement these measures observing call agents’ phone demeanor, practices and sales techniques while they interact with customers.

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