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Client Solutions

Client Solutions

Advantage Contact Center has a proven track record for helping clients realize and exceed their sales, marketing goals, and customer service goals.  The following are examples of how we have delivered measured results and high returns on the client’s investment.

Since 2016, Advantage has supported Acurian, a global patient engagement service provider, to increase site enrollment for clinical trials and improve patient attendance rates for Acurian clients. Our call center team collaborates closely with Acurian to optimize scripts, enhance rebuttals, execute pilot programs, and launch targeted campaigns. In doing so, our agents engage with an average of 3,000 patients per day. Our laser focus execution of these campaigns has delivered desired results by significantly increasing patient enrollment in clinical trials as well as patient visits at medical offices.

Advantage executed and delivered a point-to-point analysis of Stroll’s customer experience and improved the company’s average retention value from $35 to $41 per opportunity. Over a 12-month period, we increased sales revenue and average order value (AOV) from $95 to $110 and increased the company’s sales conversion rate by 10%.

Scholastic, Inc.
Working under The Slater Group brand, Advantage’s top executives (then Slater Group executives) oversaw the full roll out of Scholastic’s educational product marketing campaigns.  From 1997 to 2001, this management team carried out the campaign flawlessly, and increased sales by 23% increasing the call agent team from 34 representatives to 100 in a two-year period.

The team attributes its success to its agents’ ability to deliver a world-class sales and customer service experience.  Moreover, the group’s ability to effectively lead all customer acquisition functions enabled the management and call center team to increase profitability as an integral component of the direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns.

In addition, the management team collaborated closely with Scholastic’s marketing department to develop and implement strategies that increased call volume as well as provided feedback from the customers.  This feedback helped identify adjustments that were needed to bring about desired outcomes.  To measure campaign results and productivity, we worked closely with the analytical and finance department.

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